• Age: 14
  • Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois.
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Clique: Insider
  • Willow Mistt grade: Apprentice (First year)

Special Skills: Fashion design, A born leader and accomplished singer. Magic Specialty: Conjuration.

Amber is a born leader and also a good listener. She’s the kind of friend who comes up with the good ideas and knows everyone’s strengths and weaknesses well enough to make a plan work without a hitch…most of the time.

The daughter of a Witch and an NFL linebacker (who probably competes for the Chicago Bears) Amber inherited a lot more from her father than mother. Still she tries to be athletic even though hates to getting dirty or anything associated with dirt.

Amber is an accomplished witch and excels at Conjuration which she uses to make her own brand of clothing to wear and to try out new fashion design ideas. However just because she can make something out of nothing doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to purchase things. In fact Amber is a notorious regular at the Willow-brook mall.

Likes: Shopping, singing and fashion Design

Dislikes: Slimy things, getting dirty and not being listened to.



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