Lilian Tamako (or may be spelled Lillian)


  • Age: 13
  • Place of birth: San Francisco, California.
  • Hair: Purple
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Clique: Gothique
  • Willow Mistt grade: Apprentice (Third year)


Special Skills: Monster Knowledge, all things creepy and being cool under fire. Magic Specialty: Necromancy

Lillian is a rebel plain and simple. She likes pushing the boundaries and ignoring authority. She likes to take friends out to experience new things and to step out of their comfort zone. Sometimes for their own good and other times just to see how they will react.

Lillian grew up in a large close knit family. Though she has never been to Japan her mother, father and grandmother was from there. Lillian has always been able to sense the presence of spirits and sometimes even see them ever since she was a toddler. In fact she had more dead friends than alive till she can to Willow- Mistt.

Lillian loves to shock people and enjoys the creepy and this makes her love of the Necromantic arts a no brainier. Talking to the dead, summoning spirits and making the occasional zombie isn’t exactly the kind of thing that the average Witch-girl enjoys but for Lilian they are perfect ways to spend a weekend.

Likes: Dark and moody music, Old Horror Films, Rebelling against authority.

Dislikes: Bright and sunny days, bright and sunny people and bunnies (dreadfully afraid of them).

Lucinda descriptionEdit

People tend to think Lilian and I relationship is based on our mutual understanding of the necromantic arts and the dark side of magic. That isn’t true, what I like most about Lilian is her chaotic nature. She’s a creature of pure impulse with a dislike of organization and authority that bounders on pure anarchy.

Of all my Willow-Mistt associates Lilian is the most irreverent towards me yet in her own way respects me the most. I find her wit (Even when its aimed at me) refreshing and her ability to communicate with spirits that I cannot even call intriguing. She has said she will try to help me contact my parents , an invitation I find both exciting and terrifying.

Threat Assessment: A ruler must always have one person outside their family who isn’t afraid to voice a dissenting opinion. My Mother had the leader of her War witches and my father had our Major Domo Fenwick. I ‘m pretty sure I’ll have Lilian.

On the other hand who knows what her place will be in my empire. Her dislike of Authority could make her an enemy ,a friend …or both. That’s just her nature.



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