Note: Not to be confused with Melody Kroft who sometimes looks similar.
"I'm not the most social of people. My therapist says I have trust issues, or at least he said it until I made him disappear."

Monica Green is a computer enthusiast.


  • Age: 12
  • Place of birth: Columbus, Ohio
  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Clique: Insider
  • Willow Mistt grade: Initiate (Second year)

Special Skills: Knowledge of the magical world, Computers, Geeky Stuff

Magic Specialty: Cybermancy


Monica 14 February 2017

14 February 2017 artwork of her in middle.

Monica is a shy girl who when not with her friend barley speaks above a whisper if she speaks at all. Bookish and awkward she spends more time on her lap top then she does out in the sun . Monica is the kind of friend who listens and who is full of useful (and sometimes useless) information.

Monica spent most of her life in a single parent home. Her father died when she was four. Recently however that changed when her mother remarried and now Monica finds herself with a new father and brother both she’s not sure will understand her being a witch.

Being smart and bookish has made Monica an excellent student of magic , top of her grade and age over all. Storing her spells on her lap top instead of in a spell book and conjuring creatures out of computer games marks her as one of the rare masters of Cybermancy, a new mystical art combining computers and magic.

Likes: Computers, Reading, Studying

Dislikes: Doing magic the old fashion way, meeting new people and crowds.


In BWFF when Lucinda Nightbane talks about Monica telling her about Magic Friends, Lucy's friend Annabelle Deville says that Monica Green sounds a lot like her cousin Janette Deville.


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