Rosa Montoya (formerly known as Rosa Martinez)


  • Age: 12
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California.
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Clique: Outsider
  • Willow Mistt grade: Initiate (First)
  • Special Skills: Street Smart, Dancing, Pragmatic
  • Magic Specialty: Rosa is new to magic but is showing some skill in Mentalism.


Rosa is outgoing and never backs down. Always ready to learn something new and though sometimes nervous in trying new things she never backs down from them. Rosa is the friend who always has your back and is always by your side when you need her. Call her rain or shine and Rosa will be there.

Magic was just fairytales and witches make believe for mostly of Rosa’s life,. In fact while most witches discover what they are by six or seven Rosa had only recently found out what she was. In fact it the girls being sent to recruit Rosa and tell her about her magical nature that first brought “the Girls” together and its Rosa’s unique understanding of each girl that has helped them understand each other.

Rosa would be the first to tell you she’s not very good at magic, but in her defense she got a late start and is working really hard to catch up with the other girls her age. Rosa is learning magic not only in classes but from her friends who each give her their on unique insights into mystical studies.


  • Likes: Dancing, Hanging with the girls and helping her family.
  • Dislikes: Cleaning her room, Doing magic in front of her class, her brother (probably Juse) when he calls her "stupido".



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