See also: Adventures is v1.0 of the RPG. For v1.5 see Director's Cut. For v2.0 see Book of Shadows.
UPDATE! As of October 30, 2013, this book is now being offered for free via a Channel M promotion to encourage people to buy either the Director's Cut or Book of Shadows. These were followed by Respelled.

The initial standard "nice" and limited "naughty" cover designs advertised in the first release of the SCG.


The final "nice" cover design


The final "naughty" cover design, renamed "Wicked".

Witch Girls Adventures is the first known RPG adaptation of the Witch Girls series.

It comes in a "Nice" version and a "Wicked" version.

The attributes used are: Body, Mind, Senses, Will, Social and Magic.

This format is retained in the upcoming second edition, Book of Shadows, which is still under development and not yet released.

In early 2007 when the game was under development, it was referred to as the "Witch Girls Adventure RPG" by Malcolm Harris (as xbuilder) on gamer_chicks.


The code WGA precedes some of the earlier publications:

  1. WGA 001 is ? possibly All about the Voodollars
  2. WGA 002 is The Pirates of Buccaneer Hill
  3. WGA 003 is the Star Creation Guide (alternatively also All about the Voodollars)
  4. WGA 004 is the Magical Music Tour
  5. WGA 005 is ?
  6. WGA 006 was slated to be Trinity Stone Academy
  7. WGA 007 is ?

Many other books have no such code.



Witch Girls Adventures is a role-playing game book based on the award winning comic book “Witch Girls Adventures”

In the world of “Witch Girls Adventures” , characters have adventures in both the “real” and magical world. They can fly through the air on brooms, learn to control time and space at one of the many schools of magic around the world and turn people into frogs.

But everything isn’t all wands and potions. Being a “Witch-girl” can be dangerous and hiding your power from most of the world isn't as easy as it sounds. And did we mention the homework they give in Conjuration Class?

Designed for and aimed at girls, it allows players to create their very own Witch to star as the main character in adventures limited only by the imaginations of those involved and the simple rules found in this book.

No boards and no expensive video game system needed. Just some dice, paper and pencils and friends.

In the world of Witch Girls, power comes in all shapes and sizes. So be nice… or be a toad!


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  • Preview or Use Reader on allows the 10-page comic and the first 9 pages of rules to be viewed for free by the public to promote people to purchase the game. They are also rehosted here:


It opens with the story of Witch Hunt.


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  • March 6, 2011 YarukiZeroGames podcast 17 interviews Malcolm about WGA contents include:
    1. Introduction
    2. What is Witch Girls Adventures?
    3. A Drama Diaries Game
    4. Marketing to Girls
    5. Daytrippers; volunteers who hand out fliers at events
    6. Witch Girls as an (introductory) RPG
    7. How do girls play RPGs?
    8. Witch Girls as YA fiction
    9. Witch Girls: Beyond Convention, the forthcoming Witch Girls short film, plus forthcoming WGA supplements
    10. Macho, Malcolm’s over-the-top action hero RPG, due out this year
    11. Nemesis: Remix, a superhero RPG for fans of superhero comics, due out in late 2012
    12. Even more stuff on the horizon for Channel M!
    13. Malcolm says believe in your self!
    • MP3 is 60m13s long and 55.1MB large
  • November 17th, 2011 BordeGlobal review by Latina/PbP


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